Mantya is created from two words of Sanskrit “Man” and “Tya”. Man means “Mind” and Tya means “That” in Sanskrit. So the word Mantya mean “That Mind”.

Mantya is a website where you will get a lot of quotes and captions for every moment of life. Whether you are a teenager, youngster or someone in 30s or 40s, we have something for everyone.

We also post blogs on productivity and life style so that you are always positive as well as up to date with the world.

The Writer Behind Mantya

Though there are many writers behind Mantya, the main writer behind Mantya is Somesh Kumar.

He loves exploring the internet, reading quotes, spreading positivity and learning new things online.

He also loves playing chess and traveling.

Mantya On Social Media

Yes, Mantya is on social media platforms like Twitter & Pinterest.

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How to Contact Mantya?

You can contact Mantya from the “Contact” page by clicking Contact Mantya.